Mount Mayon Cooperative

We’re delighted to have initiated, financed and implemented the first cooperative for pili farmers in the provinces around the Mount Mayon volcano. 

Our co-op allows farmers to plan a dependable monthly income. As roughly 77% of the pili nuts are brought to market by small producers with an average two to three large sacks of nuts, it brings the equivalent added funding to allow them, for example, to send their children to school.

Taking Fair Trade to a higher level, we strive to show farmers how to consistently produce premium quality nuts, naturally and sustainably, as the global export market becomes newly available to them. This has enabled the Agriculture Department of the Philippines to collaborate with a certifiable body who can help to provide seedlings and subsidies to help establish this new and exciting industry. 

Disaster Relief

The Mount Mayon region is prone to two types of major natural disasters, suffering and an average 20 typhoons per year, and always under the threat of a volcanic eruption. 

When Mount Mayon erupted in early 2018, the co-op was there to dispense emergency blankets for displaced residents and help them find urgent temporary accommodation.

Our goal is to work with the new export industry to support a large network of farmers and laborers in the region, ensuring that the quality of their lives improves as our initiative develops.